Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quick Challenge

First line challenge...

Rewrite "Call me Ishmael." Add a knife and a balloon.


  1. "Call me Ishmael. C'mon, do it one more time, I dare ya."
    "Isabelle, he didn't mean it."
    "Yes he did! He insulted my name! He insulted my femininity! He insulted my *womanhood*!"
    "He's three, and he didn't insult anything. He can't pronounce anyone's name correctly."
    "That's what he wants you to think."
    "Look, now you made him cry. Give me the knife."
    "Now. Thank you. Now here, go give him this balloon and apologize."
    "Fine. Here you go, you little drooling spy. I'll be watching you."
    "What was that?"
    "I said I'm very sorry for scaring you, you poor little insect. I mean, baby."
    "Good. Now let's go."
    "Don't worry, big sis. I'll be watching you too."